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Debt restructuring despite bankruptcy.

Debt restructuring despite bankruptcy is never easy. This applies both in the event that there is a private insolvency and that there is a regular insolvency after a company has given up. During the good conduct phase, which lasts six years in Germany, all amounts of money that exceed the attachment limit must be paid
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Increasing creditworthiness, is it possible?

Are you planning to take out a larger bank loan in the next few months? Are you afraid that the current level of creditworthiness will be insufficient for the amount you need? Increasing creditworthiness, how to approach it? It will be good now to prepare for applying for a larger bank loan . We’ll provide
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KRD as a debt collection tool.

The National Debt Register or KRD is an institution whose purpose is to register debtors and – thus – to support the so-called soft debt collection. How does this mechanism work on the Entrepreneur – KRD line? What does a dishonest debtor have to face? Cooperation with KRD? Same benefits! Cooperation with the National Debt
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